General Education Requirements

All General Education courses must be selected from the list of approved General Education courses.

FALL 2014 onward
A minimum of 21 credits are required from the list of Approved General Education courses. The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • 6.00 credits Natural Science (NATS)
  • 9.00 credits Social Science (SOSC)     OR    9.00 credits Humanities (HUMA)
  • 6.00 credits in the opposing category to the 9.00 credit course selected in SOSC or HUMA

Note: If a second 9.00 credit course is chosen in the opposing discipline instead of a 6.00 credit course, the 3.00 extra credits will be transferred to the Free Choice or the Course Outside the Major category.

FALL 2009 to 2012
A maximum of 9.00 credits in each of four areas in Humanities, Modes of Reasoning, Natural Science and Social Science will count towards fulfillment of General Education requirements for a total of 24 credits.


  • 6.00 credits Natural Science NATS)
  • 9.00 credits Humanities (HUMA)
  • 9.00 credits Social Science (SOSC)
  • 6.00 credits Modes of Reasoning (MODR)


  • 6.00 credits Natural Science (NATS)
  • 6.00 credits Humanities (HUMA)
  • 6.00 credits Social Science (SOSC)

FALL 1997 To 2008
Students must complete a minimum of 24 credits and select their General Education requirements in accordance with the following:

  • 6.00 credit 1000 level course in Natural Science (NATS)
  • 9.00 credit 1000 level Foundations course, in Humanities (HUMA) or Social Science SOSC)
  • 9.00 credit 2000 level Foundations course in HUMA or SOSC. If the 1000 level was HUMA, then the 2000 level course is to be SOSC or vice versa; to be taken within the first 48 credits