The Sociology Department does not post or release grades to students. The Registrar's Office will release grades online on their website.

The Registrar's Office normally releases fall term course grades towards the end of January; and fall/winter and winter term course grades towards the end of May. Summer grades are normally released towards the end of September.

The means of determining the final grade in a course must be given by the Course Instructor in writing within the first two weeks of class. Information must include the kinds of assignments, essays, examinations, and other components, which make up the grade. Any subsequent changes to previously announced marking must have the consent of all students.


For Fall, Winter and Summer, instructors are obligated to provide feedback on at least 15% of work before the deadline to drop a course, and 30% for Full-Year courses. In courses where percentages are used as a means of reporting grades on individual pieces of work, the following conversion table is to be used in converting percentage grades to letter grades, unless alternative provisions for scaling are announced to students in writing within the first two weeks of classes.

Grade Percentage (%) GPA Value
A+ 90-100 9.00
A 80-89 8.00
B+ 75-79 7.00
B 70-74 6.00
C+ 65-69 5.00
C 60-64 4.00
D+ 55-59 3.00
D 50-54 2.00
E 40-49 1.00
F 0-39 0.00

The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Calendar contains regulations about grading.

Grading, Averaging and Academic Standing

It is very important for students to make sure that they drop courses within the published deadlines as an E or an F grade will remain on a student's record and be computed into their grade point average possibly changing their status from Honours BA to BA, resulting in debarment warnings, or debarment, thus affecting graduation.

Grade Reappraisals

Students may, with sufficient reasons, which are academically grounded, request a final grade in a course be reappraised. Students must pick up a grade reappraisal form from the main office of Sociology, 2060 Vari Hall.

Deadline: Requests for reappraisal must be filed with the department within 21 calendar days of the release of the final grade in the course.

Written Work Only: Students may request reappraisal only on the portion of the course grade that is based on written work. Students must submit the original work for which a reappraisal is being requested.

Possible Grade Changes: When a student asks for a reappraisal, an original grade may be raised, lowered or confirmed.

Faculty Appeal Procedures: The decision of the department may be appealed to the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Executive Committee only on grounds of procedural irregularity or new evidence.