1000 Level Courses

AP/SOCI 1000 6.0 Skills for Success in Sociology

This course develops generic skills for student success in sociology. It is designed to ensure students understand university academic skills and expectations in the discipline. It uses a framework emphasizing: critical thinking and the development of approaches used by sociologists when writing, evaluating arguments, doing research, weighing evidence; text assessments that highlight the nature of the sociological imagination and critical literacies.

AP/SOCI 1010 6.00 Introduction to Sociology

An introduction to basic sociological concepts and theoretical frameworks, and research methods used to understand the social structures that transcend and shape personal experience in a Canadian context by taking account power, differentiation, socialization, and social relations. Areas of discussion: family and gender; youth and aging; health and illness; race, culture and ethnicity; work and organizations; communications; law and crime.