S.U.S.A. Awards

John O'Neill Award for Teaching Excellence

2012 Recipients: Professor Michael Nijhawan (Full-time Faculty); Professor Alireza Asgharzadeh (Contract Faculty); Jeffrey Butler (Teaching Assistant)

SUSA gives this award to teaching assistants, contract faculty members, and tenure-track faculty members who are chosen by the undergraduate sociology student body for their teaching excellence. SUSA provides information and supplies nomination forms for this award to undergraduate sociology students prior to the end of the winter term. Winners are determined by the SUSA executive, based on numbers of nominations and comments made by students.

Larry Lam Prizes

2012 Recipient: Monica Walsh (Second Year)

Professor Larry Lam, Sociology Undergraduate Program Director, has very generously donated funds to the Sociology Undergraduate Students' Association (S.U.S.A.). With Professor Lam's approval, S.U.S.A. has decided to use some of the funds for 2011-2012 for three prizes, one for each of first, second, and third year Sociology majors who have been S.U.S.A. members in good standing (members prior to February 14, 2012).

Applicants are expected to demonstrate an engagement with Sociology both inside and outside of the classroom.


  1. Any Sociology major who is a S.U.S.A. member in good standing (membership prior to February 14, 2012) may be considered for a Prize.
  2. A Prize will be awarded for eligible students in each of years one, two, and three of the Sociology program. Students are required to have completed the year for which they are competing by the end of the winter term. S.U.S.A. may withhold any or all of the Prizes if no suitable candidate or candidates have applied.
  3. Students considered for a Prize must have a minimum GPA of B. Applicants must submit an unofficial copy of their transcript.
  4. Students considered for a Prize must submit: a copy of their unofficial transcript; a cover letter of up to three pages double spaced (12 point font), addressing their suitability for the Prize, and including contact information for two referees (not letters of reference). At least one referee must be a faculty member or Teaching Assistant in the Department of Sociology. Applicants can expect their referees to be contacted. The Adjudication Committee reserves the right to interview applicants. Letters are to be addressed to the Larry Lam Prize Adjudication Committee.
  5. The cover letter must include the applicant's full name, student number, phone number, and email address, in addition to the names and contact information for two referees.
  6. The deadline for submission of applications is Monday, March 12 at 3:00. Applications are to be submitted to Department of Sociology Office for Deborah Davidson (SUSA advisor and Dept. Awards and Scholarships Committee), 2060 Vari Hall. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Adjudication Process:

The Adjudication Committee will be comprised of three members of S.U.S.A.'s Executive Committee, S.U.S.A.'s faculty advisor, and Awards and Scholarship Committee in the Department of Sociology or faculty chosen by the Awards and Scholarship Committee.

The Prizes will be announced in April.