We are one of the largest, most productive and innovative communities of scholars engaged in interdisciplinary research and undergraduate and graduate teaching with over 80 Full-time Professors, Professors Emeriti, and Part-time Instructors, more than 100 graduate students and 2,500-plus majors.

The sheer size and diversity of our undergraduate and graduate programs are a strong draw for bright students and dedicated faculty, as are the wealth of research centres and other programs at York, and the vitality of Toronto as an urban centre.

York was founded by a sociologist and opened its doors in 1960, which has left a significant legacy upon our department. The 1960s was the era of the Vietnam War, civil protest and violence, and challenges to the dictates of governments in striving for justice - even at the risk of overturning accepted establishment practices. At that time, many faculty members, Canadian and American, just completed doctoral programs in the United States, and thus the flow of ideas and politics of the 1960s blended into and formed the unique approach of York sociologists.