Student Advising

Sociology Majors/Minors can book advising appointments to make sure that they know what they need (required GPA, courses) to successfully complete their respective programs. Based on academic records, students are also advised about the requirements of General Education, Electives, and Upper Level courses. Given that our students often have competing commitments, advising is completed according to a simple goal: to make all reasonable effort to ensure your years of investment in obtaining your degree with a Major/Minor in Sociology is free of unexpected problems.

When you book an advising appointment with the department of Sociology, you will meet with one of our two advisors:

  • Debbie Best, Student Program Advisor (Monday-Friday)
  • Deborah Davidson, Undergraduate Program Director (Monday 11:00-1:00pm) or by appointment:

Petition related advising will not be available on Monday's 11:00-1:00pm

Location:  Department of Sociology - Vari Hall 2060


  • If you book an appointment and are unable to keep it, please cancel using the online booking system.
  • If you must cancel with less than 24 hours notice, please notify the Sociology Department at  416-736-5015.


  1. I am in the Honours program, but I want to graduate with the BA, can I do it?
  2. I am in my fourth year of study at York but I am unable to enroll in AP/SOCI 4000 level courses, why?
  3. I graduated from college with 30 transfer credits, how are these credits applied toward my degree (including my major in Sociology) at York?
  4. I am in good academic standing at York but I am not able to continue enrolling in courses at York. I want to continue my studies, so how do I obtain the LOP (Letter of Permission from York granting students to successfully complete courses that are being counted toward their degree requirements at York)?
  5. Can I retake a course to upgrade my GPA? Should I?
  6. My current GPA is negatively impacting my ability to proceed further with my studies and I would like to have some poor grades removed, what is the process?
  7. I am not in agreement with the grade that I have been assigned in this Sociology course, what is the grade reappraisal process?
  8. I am a student in Sociology (Major/Minor, Honours or General BA), and I simply want to have someone "walk me through " what I need to complete for the degree. Is there a person that I can talk to?