Prof. Deborah Davidson connects with wider audiences as part of the Tattoo Project

Sociology deborah-davidsonProfessor Deborah Davidson could be seen at two events in the community this past summer.

In June 2016, Dr. Deborah Davidson and Mandi Gray hosted a participatory photo gallery of tattoos commemorating sexual assault titled, My Resistance is Etched Into My Skin: Sexual Assault and Tattoos.

Attending guests had the opportunity to add their own tattoo photos to the gallery.

The gallery was hosted by Sexual Assault: The Road Show - a retrofitted shipping container parked at Scadding Court Community Centre. Sexual Assault: The Road Show is directed by Toronto activists Lillian Allen and Jane Doe. Over the next three years, the road show will be travelling to 15 destinations across Ontario.


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Photo by Leah Sanders (

More recently, on 16 August 2016, Dr. Deborah Davidson offered some opening remarks at theĀ ROM Speaks: Kitchen Conversations event on "An Industry INKED." [Read more industry-inked_menu]