2000 Level Courses

AP/SOCI 2030 6.00 Sociological Research Methods
An introduction to how sociological knowledge is attainable both in principle and in practice. Sociologically grounded research problems and techniques are presented. Both quantitative and qualitative approaches and practices are discussed as well as ethical questions.

AP/SOCI 2040 6.00 Sociological Theory
An introduction to major sociological themes and theorists, in the historical context of their times and places. The courses deals with classical, modern and contemporary trends in sociological theory.

AP/SOCI 2050 6.00 Social Structure and Social Change
This foundation course deals with comparative and historical aspects of social life, political organization and the state, and modern industrial society. Special attention is given to the analysis of class, inequality and social change.

AP/SOCI 2060 6.00 Social Interaction and Community
This foundation course deals with processes of social interaction, socialization and self, and the relationship of the individual to society as exemplified in several substantive areas. Emphasis is given to understanding personal action and free will in a social context.

AP/SOCI 2070 6.00 Social Order and Social Organization
This foundation course deals with the problem of social order, how social organization is possible, and its various forms. Special attention is given to formal organizations and institutions, as well as to the role of ideology, media and education.