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SOCI 1010 6.0 B (SU) Introduction to Sociology :  1st and 2nd year non majors (BHRM and SOCI students can be in any year level) 

 SOCI 2080 6.0 M (S2) Power and Everyday Life:  2nd, 3rd,4th year non majors

 SOCI 3410 6.0 (S2) Social Inequality:  3rd and 4th year non majors

SOCI 3430 6.0 (S1):  Ethnicity, Power and Identity 3rd and 4th year non majors

SOCI 3550 3.0 A (S1) Sociology of Aging:  3rd and 4th year non majors

SOCI 3630 6.0 A (SU) Sociology of Education:  3rd and 4th year non majors

SOCI 4055 6.0 A (SU) Everyday Life in the Metropolis:  Toronto:  4th year HONOURS non majors

SOCI 4360 6.0 A (S1) Migration Experiences:  Theory & Practice:  4th year HONS CRIM, IDST and SOCI only

SOCI 4670 3.0 M (S2) The Social Self:  4th year HONS non majors

SOCI 4820 6.0 A (SU) Crime and Deviance:  4th year HONS non majors 

SOCI 4840 6.0 A (S1) Advanced Issues in Policing:  4th year CRIM, LASO and SOCI only